A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Art Lovers

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Art Lovers

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Mother’s Day comes early this year and I wanted to share my love, not only for those celebrating it but also for those of us who may have lost a mother or maternal figure in our lives.

Our region is famed for the warmth of its people, and I see this evidenced all the time around Mother’s Day – from elderly mothers being tenderly guided along the promenade by their children to new mothers letting their young babies have their first feel of sand. There are little snapshots of love occurring all of the time, just along the street from my Cullercoats studio.

Your mother figure is someone entirely unique from the rest of the world. So why is it that so many Mother’s Day gifts and experiences come down to a simple set of chocolates, flowers or slippers? This year, I want to share some ideas for non-traditional Mother’s Day gifts and some great things to do with that special lady in your life along our local coastline…

Gift locally-produced jewellery


There are few gifts as well received as jewellery, especially if you go the extra mile and choose something personal to your mother. If your mum has an appreciation for art, wildlife or our region’s beautiful landscapes, I have the perfect option: my unique collection of jewellery depicting some of our region’s iconic sights. Click here to explore the designs available on earrings, necklaces and brooches. 

Enjoy a beautiful day out on a budget


Mother’s Day often sees the coast’s best restaurants and bars booked solid but there’s no need to worry, there are plenty of great things you can do with your mother down by the seaside, all without the hassle of finding a table or spending a fortune. 

One of my favourite things to do involves getting wrapped up warm and taking in all of the coastline’s best sights. Here’s how to do it with your mother: 

  • Start at the Spanish City at Whitley Bay. Take a look at the renewed splendour of the dome.
  • As an optional step that involves more walking and careful planning around tidal times, you could visit St. Mary’s Lighthouse and spot seals lounging on the rocks. 
  • Grab an ice cream from the much-celebrated Di Meos or a bag of chips from the award-winning Pantrinis. 
  • Follow the promenade path towards Tynemouth, taking in the rugged coastline as you go. 
  • Pause at Cullercoats to take in the RNLI station and jutting piers of Cullercoats Bay. Visit Cullercoats Coffee or the Boatyard for a hand-warming cuppa.
  • Stroll past Longsands, one of the finest beaches in the UK, then onto Tynemouth itself, where you’ll find Tynemouth Priory, an English Heritage site boasting 2000 years of history. 

Capture the scene with comfy homeware


As a piece of homeware, a cushion can help add interest to a room, and my designs are no exception – they’re all printed with scenes from right here in the North East. If your mother has a certain affinity for beloved places, like Bamburgh Castle, Alnmouth, Cullercoats and more, my cushions are a comfy way to show her you care.



I’ve also created a series of hanging ceramic tree decorations that feature some of the region’s most beautiful sights, including St Mary’s Lighthouse in the evening light. A perfect gift for any mum with ties to Whitley Bay. 


Make a cuppa something to remember


Enjoying a cup of tea with your mum is something to treasure. Whether it was her making them for you as a child or you putting the kettle on now when you visit, there’s something quiet and magical about the ritual of making tea.

If you want to show your mum how much you love her, what better way than to gift her a unique mug that she’ll love? Rather than opting for the ‘best mum ever’ supermarket choice, choose one of my original fine bone china mugs to bring some regional art to your mum’s daily cuppa.



So, whatever your plans this Mother’s Day, remember it’s the thought that counts. A small gesture can say a thousand words, especially if you’ve taken the time to pick something that you know your mum or mother figure will truly appreciate. Embarking on the coastal walk? Don’t forget to pop into the Cullercoats gallery to say hello. You’ll find us on St. George’s Road, and we’re open Wed-Sun, 10 am - 5 pm. 

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