Original North East Paintings

There’s a lot to love about the North East. Our region isn’t just home to warm people, vibrant cities and rich culture - we’re also lucky enough to have some of the world’s best landscapes right on our doorstep to inspire fantastic artists. From rugged Northumberland to breathtaking coastlines and joyous seaside towns, the North East’s best places are truly something to celebrate. 

Joanne Wishart’s original North East paintings depict our most treasured beaches, towns and animals - with a focus on the coast and all of the adventures and memories it brings. The gallery below also includes Northumberland paintings and Scottish landscapes. Each piece is a true original, created using acrylics and mixed media/collage techniques. Vibrant colours and textures help add bespoke personality to every piece. 

From our region’s most visited beaches to more secluded spots dotted throughout the North East and further afield, Joanne’s original art is a must-have addition to any collector’s home. Some of the paintings depicted below are also available in limited edition prints. 

Browse our gallery below and pick out an exclusive and entirely unique original painting of the North East by Joanne Wishart.