Beardy Fisherman holding a fish design on a greetings card.
Blanketed hills of purple heather aredived by a stone path which lead down to the valley below. in the distance you can see a colourful patchwork of fields with the bright blue sea beyond. f
A greetings card featuring a Pirate with a green parrot on his shoulder looking through at the porthole of a ship.
An art print of fishing boats in Staithes harbour.
A print of Alnmouth village with the river flowing across the foreground and sailing boats bobbing on the water.
A greetings card picture of some cherry trees with white blossome and green grass with a winding path through the orchard.
A painting of Amble harbour where one red and one blue large fishing boats rest against the harbour wall. Pink green and white buildings hug the curve of the river coquet. Warkworth castle lies in the distance. You can see colourful lobster pots in the foreground.
Valentines greetings card featuring a fishing boat on a sea of hearts
Arctic Terns sea bird Greetings card
Avocets Greetings Card
A greetings card featuring a beardy ships captain with a gull on his shoulder peeking through a porthole.
Greetings card featuring two seagulls on a beach with st mary's lighthouse in the background.
White sands and a calm turquoise sea stretch to the horizon under a deep blue sky with wisps of cloud. A rocky foreground frames the coastal scene.
Sweeping sands of Bamburgh Beach with Castle  perched on top of the dunes  is captured in this Northumberland print by artist Joanne Wishart.
A print featuring a field of bright red poppies in front of Bamburgh Castle.
A bold and colourful original painting in a white wood frame. It sets resting ona wood floor against a white wall. The painting is of Bamburgh Castle with bright red poppies in the foreground.
A striking painting of Bamburgh Castle with bright yellow flowered fields in the foreground and road sweeping into the village.
A painting of two barn owls perched on a branch with a leafy ochre beackground.
Two barn owls sit looking out, against a yellow backdrop.
Barnacle geese greetings card
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