Northumberland Coast Prints - Blue Skies collection

A white painted stone cottage and outbuildings sit above the white sandy beach with dunes to the left.  There is a path trodden through a grassy field leading to the cottage. THe sky is blue with a few distant clouds.
A summery painting of Dunstanburgh Catle showing three sheep grazing on the landscape with the castle behind. The sea is rolling in onto the rocks.
A panoramic painting of Sycamore gap the iconic tree which rests at the bottom of the hill on hadrians wall. The sky is blue and the grass is green with rock scattered on the landscape.
A bright and colourful painting of Coquet Island featuring a white lighthosue on a ocky island. There are pink wildflwers in the sea grassy sand dunes in the foreground. THe sea is blue and the waves gently lap up the shore.
A landscape painting of the simonside hills.  Swathes of purple heather are painted in the forground with a patchwork of colourful fields in the valley below. The cheviot hills can be seen in the distance with blue skies overhead.