Fine Art Greetings Cards UK

Sending a card is like sending a little piece of love to someone - a sign that you’re thinking of them and wishing them well. With that in mind, why choose mass-market cards? These fine art greetings cards are printed based on original paintings by Joanne Wishart. Each of these original art greetings cards celebrates the beauty of the coastal regions, particularly in the North East. 

These fine art greetings cards are inspired by landscapes and nature - with some fantastic choices for animal lovers and for those whose hearts reside by the sea. Each original art greetings card print features a unique piece painted by Joanne Wishart and is available online only through this store. 

All cards are blank inside, so you can customise them to suit any message. The cards are printed in the U.K. on sustainably sourced board for a touch of real quality. 

For those looking for a unique card that really shows someone how much you care, these cards offer a truly special memento to celebrate special birthdays, toast loving anniversaries or send warm condolences. 

If you like Joanne’s art style and want to send a larger gift, why not shop limited edition art prints or exclusive original artwork?

A greetings card featuring 3 seals heads bobbing in the sea amongst the black headed gulls.
A greetings card featuring a painting of Brunswick bay with pink flowers in the foreground and a blue sky above the quaint village on the cliff side.
Seals kissing on a valentines greetings card
Greetings card featuring two seagulls on a beach with st mary's lighthouse in the background.
A greetings card featuring a painting of a birds eye view of St Mary's lighthouse surrounded by sea sea at high tide.
A greetings card featuring a colourful painting of craster harbour with daises in the foreground and a sailing boat in the bay.
puffins illustrated greetings card
A colourful coastal greetings card featuring 3 beach huts all in a row on a golden sand beach.
A greetings card of coastal harbour featuring seals bobbing in the water around a fishing boat.
Two snowmen waving black and white scarfs in the snow. A Georde themed christmas Card with bright blue stars in the sky.
A coastal greetings card featuring a black cat in conversation with a cheeky seagull. They are on a harbour wall surrounded by lobster pots.
A greetings card with a sea otter curled on a moonlit beach surrounded by seaweed.
Brown curlew greetings card
Oystercatchers illustrated greetings card
A Greetings Card featuring bright retro flowers with a rainbow bursting out from behind.
Lapwing Greetings Card by Joanne Wishart. A flock of 5 lapwing birds in a row on a teal green background. White Envelope an displayed on a white woodwashed surface.
Avocets Greetings Card
Eider ducks greetings card
A multi pack of bristish coastal bird cards.
A greetings card featuring a painting of the fishing village of Staithes in North Yorkshire.
Arctic Terns sea bird Greetings card
A greetings Card featuring a shooting star and a rainbow.
Illustrated greetings card featuring a sanderling bird
A Greetings Card featuring a Sailing Boat and a rainbow.
A coastal greetings card featuring a cute harbour with fishing boats on the sea.
A quirky greetings card featuring a row of colourful cottages on a harbour wall with a shoal of colourful fish in the water.
A coastal greetings card featuring Souter lighthouse a red and white striped building in front of the sea.
A Valentines Greetings Card featuring a rainbow striped heart  on a place blue background.
A greetings card featuring a scottish thatched cottage with a field of buttercups in the foreground.
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