Art Gallery - Tyneside Prints

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Art Gallery - Tyneside Prints

Do you have a favourite tyneside print of mine? Here is my top selection of Tyneside prints of our famous North East landmarks. 

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Tyneside Prints - Winter Low lights

I don't often paint winter scenes but I really like how this image of the North Shields Fish Quay turned out. It's a more subtle colour palette for me but a style I may explore a bit more this winter.


Tyneside Prints - Cullercoats This is one of my favourites of Cullercoats Bay featuring all of the life, colour and vibrancy of Harbour Day. I created the peoples clothing using swatches of fabric collaged into the piece. 

Tyneside Prints - St Mary's Lighthouse

The intensity of the blues in this painting is a beautiful contrast to the white of the Lighthouse on St Mary's Island. It is one of the North East's most famous coastal landmarks and I'm sure I'll be painting it many times more over my career.

Tyneside Prints - Sunny Souter

South of the River Tyne stands the wonderful National Trust property of Souter Lighthouse. It makes a great subject as it stands proud on the headland cliffs above Marsden Beach. 

Newcastle upon Tyne, River Tyne painting, print, Tyne bridge, Baltic, Sage, quayside

Tyneside Prints - River Tyne 

I don't often do cityscapes or head inland for my inspiration but it would seem rude not to paint a Newcastle scene. I managed to squeeze in a few boats so I'm happy about that!

Where should I paint next? I'm always walking the coastline to look for new views to paint. I'm spoilt for choice here in the North East with so much inspiration on offer.





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