Celebrate Nature With My New Animal Art Collection

Celebrate Nature With My New Animal Art Collection

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Celebrate Nature With My New Animal Art Collection


As anyone who visits my website or my Cullercoats gallery itself no doubt knows, I am in love with the great outdoors. My artwork is all about celebrating the beauty of the natural world, whether that’s the golden stretch of sand at Tynemouth Longsands or the wildflower fields of Northumberland. 

In many of these locations, I have also had the pleasure of witnessing another amazing part of nature—the many varieties of wildlife native to the British Isles. To celebrate the diversity and beauty of these animals, I have created a new series of original paintings and an exciting new range of greeting cards, which will shortly be available to trade buyers and customers alike.

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love these new releases. Let’s take a look through them so I can tell you how they came about and what they represent to me. 


New originals in the gallery 


Whilst I’m very proud of my prints and cards, there’s nothing quite like the authenticity of an original painting. Each of my originals is a one-off piece, a unique representation of my style that captures a specific moment in my art journey.


A painting in purple and red hues of a stag in the Scottish highlands.

Stag in the Glen Original Painting

This one, for example, depicts a face-to-face encounter with a majestic stag in the Scottish Highlands. Whilst wandering amidst a valley of heather and gorse, I was ecstatic to meet this wonderful creature and recreate the moment in this painting. As the owner of an original, you can share a true sense of the feelings I tried to capture in this scene with each brush stroke. 

Many of my paintings depict seascapes and other bodies of water, so it may come as no surprise that I also love to paint the creatures that call these locations their home. From peculiar puffins hopping around the rocks of the Farne Islands to playful sea otters cavorting in a Scottish river, I seek to showcase the lives and personalities of these coastal critters. Do you think the cheekiness of the sea otters comes across in the painting? 


A painting of sea otters standing by fast flowing water.

 Sea Otters Original Painting

I also wanted to touch on animals of the feathered variety, as they’re such an iconic part of coastal wildlife. On any given day, a short walk from my Cullercoats gallery will let me spot some of the region’s finest seabirds – including one of my favourites, the Oystercatcher.


A painting of an Oystercatcher and chick on a sandy shoreline.

Oystercatcher and Chick Original Painting

You can spot Oystercatchers wandering the North East’s shoreline as they search for cockles. In this painting, I’ve depicted one of these regal-lookingtheseregal-lookingg birds alongside its cute little chick whose distinctive colours have yet to develop. I’m really proud of this painting and love the familial atmosphere it manages to evoke. 

If you’d like to see more of my original artwork and perhaps own one for yourself, come to the gallery to view them first-hand. You can also visit my original artwork page to see which are still available. 

New cards launching at Spring Fair NEC Birmingham

A puffins greetings card.

Greeting cards created by artists make for beautiful gifts, offering something thoughtful and unique you can give to your loved ones. I’m excited to launch a new collection containing many of the animal paintings we’ve just discussed, with a particular focus on coastal wildlife such as seals, sea birds and fish.

A greetings card featuring a painting of two black headed sheep.

The new collection is named Furs, Feathers and Fins and will soon be exhibited to trade buyers at the upcoming Springfair NEC Birmingham from 4-7th February 2024. 

If you’re in the retail business and would like to stock the new cards, you can find me on Stand 3P52 in the Greetings Card Hall, so stop by and say hello. I love discussing my artwork in person and welcome the chance for you to see the range in person rather than through a catalogue.

 Spring Fair Trade Stand in the greetings card hall.


Catalogues are still important. However – events can be busy, and you might not get much time to come and see the range. If you’d like to take a look ahead of time, you can contact me and request a trade catalogue.


Trade greetings card catalogue.


After this trade show, I’ll also be releasing the Furs, Feathers and Fins collection to the public and can’t wait for people all across the North East to see these cards up close!

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