Exploring My Favourite Locations in a New Card Collection

Exploring My Favourite Locations in a New Card Collection

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Exploring My Favorite Locations in a New Card Collection


On the blog, I talk a lot about my Limited Edition Prints and Original Paintings inspired by some of the most beautiful locations across the region. Seeing people give my artwork as a gift is one of my favourite things, as many people choose pieces that remind them of their favourite days out or even holidays along the Northumberland coast. 


A collection of 6 greetings cards of the north East of Englands most famous landmarks.


So, this really inspired me to create a new collection of greeting cards focusing on landmarks and beautiful spots across Northumberland, North Tyneside and the Scottish Borders. Now you can give the gift of art, and also send a special someone a personal message in a card that means something to them. All of the cards are blank inside, ready for you to add your own personal message. 

This new range is called the Locations Collection, and there are 27 new cards in total, with another 21 coming in 2024. The cards are 15 x 15 cm and are printed in the UK on a quality textured board, sourced from sustainable forests and come with a laid paper envelope.

When deciding the places to showcase on the new greetings cards, I wanted to choose locations that hold a special place in my heart, and in the hearts of my customers. Some places are more popular than others, and I was keen to depict both the nationally recognised spots like Sycamore Gap alongside some lesser-known hidden gems, such as Simonside and Alnmouth.

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some of our new greeting cards and the locations they were inspired by.

The Cheviots and Simonside


If you’re familiar with my work, you will know I love to paint the seaside, and this card collection includes plenty of beach fun. But I also wanted to make sure there were cards depicting different locations across the region and not just the usual familiar sights. 

The Cheviot Hills are a favourite among walkers of all abilities. From gentle strolls through to hillside scrambles, the Cheviots have something for everyone. Sitting at the north of the Pennines, the Cheviots offer beautiful views. However, these uplands are more than just a place for a weekend walk, they are actually a location of significant geological importance. 


A greetings card featuring a landscape painting of the cheviot hills. The sky is blue with fluffy clouds and the landscape shows patchwork fields with hills in the distance. s


In fact, this area is thought to be where the continents of Avalonia and Laurentia came together over 400 million years ago! That gives amazing historical significance to a site often overshadowed by its neighbours in the south and west. On this card, swathes of heather blow in a gentle breeze, overlooking the patchwork of farmers’ fields below. 


A greetings card showing the warm tones of the purple Northumberland heather in a rolling landscape scene.

To the east, you’ll find Simonside Hills. Offering a full panoramic view of the surrounding area, Simonside Ridge promises a big return for its effortful ascent. This area is also known for its history, as it marks the location of a Bronze Age cemetery. 

Either of these cards would be a great choice for a walking enthusiast or even a budding geologist! 

Dunstanburgh Castle and Craster


Moving east, the next card I wanted to showcase in this new collection features Dunstanburgh Castle, a fortification nestled between the seaside villages of Craster and Embleton. The ruins date back to the 14th century, with the castle originally built by Earl Thomas of Lancaster.


A greetings card featuring the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle with a sprinkling of sea thrift beside the coastal path leading to the ancient ruin.


The crumbling walls may not seem like much at first glance, but this is a structure of huge historical notoriety. These ruins have witnessed battles and even invasions! This card shows the cliffside path to Dunstanburgh, surrounded by blooming wildflowers overlooking a peaceful pebbled beach.

I am really pleased to see this piece become a greeting card, as it is a great example of the different textures I aim for in my mixed media pieces. The rough texture of the sky counterbalances the softness of the pink blooms, which you can almost see blowing in a gentle sea breeze.


A greetings card featuring the colourful harbour of craster with a pile of orange bouys and lobsterpots in the foreground with boats and cottages in the distance.


Just a stone’s throw away from Dunstanburgh, you’ll find the working harbour town of Craster. Known for its famous kippers, Craster is a gorgeous spot to grab a bite to eat while exploring the award-winning Northumberland coastline.

While I love to paint the flora and fauna of the coast, I have also been challenging myself to capture more buildings and even boats in my recent artwork. So, where else to demonstrate this newfound passion for the structural world than at this hidden gem? 

Angel of the North & The Tyne Bridge

When curating this collection, it was important to me to include artwork in the full colour spectrum. While sometimes, you might choose a card based on its subject, it might also be more of a gut instinct drawing you towards a certain hue or texture.


A greetings card featuring the sculpture of the Angel of the North in a dramatic pink cloudy sky.


The Tyneside prints, including these two of the Angel of the North and The Tyne Bridge, are super eye-catching as streaks of pink, yellow and blue depict the feeling of sunrise or sunset at these iconic locations.


A greetings card featring the curvy shaope of the tyne bridge with the river flowing into the distance towards the baltic. THe scene is cold and pink in colour.


Either of these cards would be a lovely choice if your recipient lives away from the region and is missing home, as both spots are truly synonymous with returning home to The Toon!


St Mary’s Lighthouse and Cullercoats Bay

Finally, I wanted to include some of the locations that you likely associate most with my artwork. My gallery is just walking distance from Cullercoats Bay, and every year I create a new original piece for the local RNLI Christmas card. So, it wouldn’t be a Joanne Wishart greetings card collection without an appearance from my local beach.


A greetings card featuring Cullercoats beach and RNLI lifeboat station.


Likewise, St Mary’s Lighthouse is a place I love to visit (and paint!) at any time of the year. As the shoreline changes with the tides, it brings a whole host of visitors from all over the North Sea, including hundreds of seals who pay a leisurely visit to St Mary’s Island every year. 


A greetings card of St Marys Island with soft blue tones and pops of pink flowers in the foreground.


Just like the other cards in this collection, these would work for any occasion. 

Here is the full list of locations featured in the new greetings card collection:

Scottish Borders 

  • Eyemouth


  • Sycamore gap
  • Craster
  • Dunstanburgh Castle
  • Bamburgh Castle 
  • Holy Island
  • Seahouses
  • Cheviots
  • Simonside
  • Low Newton
  • Alnmouth - Lovaine Terrace


  • Angel of the North
  • Quayside
  • Fish Quay
  • Cullercoats Bay
  • St Mary’s Lighthouse

The Locations Collection is available at our Cullercoats gallery. We’re on St George's Road, and you can visit us Wed-Sun 10 am to 5 pm. Alternatively, you can browse the full collection on my website or shop at my Etsy store.

Which iconic North East locations would you like to see on my new batch of cards? I’d love to hear your suggestions and why these places mean so much to you. Let me know over on Instagram @joanne.wishart.art

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