How to write the perfect card | Thinking of you week

How to write the perfect card | Thinking of you week

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How to Write the Perfect Card

What better time to write about the beauty of writing and sending cards than during Thinking Of You Week? In an increasingly digital world, a good handwritten card goes a long way. With many of us spending a large part of the last 18 months away from our nearest and dearest, Thinking Of You weeks comes at a perfect time for anyone wanting to show their loved ones what they mean to them.

So, how do you write the perfect card? 

Choosing the card

First of all, you’ve got to pick the right card for your recipient. Do you have an inside joke? Or a special place that means a lot to both of you? Of course, as a North East artist, I’m a little biased about the perfect card. In both my online shop and my Cullercoats gallery, I stock a range of beautiful cards depicting prints of my favourite coastal spots and wildlife wonders across the North East and beyond. 

Passionate bird watchers will love the puffin cards, while this lovestruck seal card will strike a chord with your significant other. The region offers so much inspiration for cards. From the adorable to the poignant, I’ve got a card that will help you get your message across. Of course, all of my cards are blank inside, too, giving you plenty of space to write your personal thoughts.



The right tool for the job

Once you’ve chosen the card, it’s time to think about writing instruments. There’s nothing wrong with grabbing the nearest biro and scribbling away to your heart’s content, but if you want to take things up a notch, I recommend thinking carefully about which pen you pick. A fineliner or gel pen is often a good choice if you want something simple and elegant, or you can invest in a fountain pen if you’re keen to add an extra flair to your writing. 

Don’t forget about the envelope. Why not pick up a cheap brush pen and learn to write your recipient’s name in calligraphy - there are plenty of simple tutorials on YouTube, or join a workshop by local calligraphist Creative Calligraphy. Your loved one will be wow-ed by your creativity and attention to detail. 

Finding the words

This is probably the most challenging part of writing any card. Whether you’re a man (or woman) of few words, or you could talk forever, finding the exact words to represent your feelings is never easy. So to keep your card neat and tidy, why not write out your message or poem on a scrap piece of paper or in your phone notes app first? This’ll give you an idea about how much space you need and whether you need to write on both sides of the card. 

Whatever you write, as long as it comes from the heart, it’ll mean something to your special someone. So, don’t worry and just write what feels right to you. 

Signed, sealed, delivered

If you choose to post your card, ask at your post office about Special Stamp Issues. Often, they will have a wide variety of stamps reflecting British culture and history, so you will definitely find something that will stand out to your recipient. Of course, the most important part of any card is what you write in it, but adding special flairs like calligraphy or a limited edition stamp will take it to the next level, creating something your loved one will cherish forever.

Want to tell someone what they mean to you? Enter our competition on Facebook/Instagram to be in with a chance of winning three packs of my cards.

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