Joanne Wisharts' guide to selecting the perfect picture frame

Joanne Wisharts' guide to selecting the perfect picture frame

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Joanne Wishart’s guide to choosing the perfect picture frame for your print.

You've come to the gallery and selected the perfect print; now all you need to do is choose the perfect frame to complete the piece.

Getting picture framing right can enhance your artwork and add the finishing touch to complete your piece of art.

Joanne has a depth of experience in picture framing, having worked in a picture framing gallery in her early career, she can advise her customers in choosing the perfect frame to suit her limited edition prints. 

Artist Joanne stands holding a picture frame around her face.

How do you choose the best frame for your art print?

Bespoke Picture Framing Service

The Joanne Wishart Gallery provides a custom picture framing service. We have a variety of corner samples available for you to choose from. They can be taken off the board and positioned around the print. This will give you a visual representation of how the finished piece will look.

When selecting a frame, keep in mind that the frame is an extension of the artwork itself. A picture's frame can make or break the final look. It is important to consider the overall colours of the piece and select a frame that reflects and enhances the nature of the image. The frame should never take precedence over or compete with the artwork. The purpose of the frame is to protect the artwork while improving it's aesthetic appearance.

Picture frame samples board

Joanne’s limited edition prints already come presented with a neutral card mount / matt surround, which exposes the white border of the print. This white border contains the print number, title, and artist's signature. All you have to do is choose the frame.

Mounted print

Why do I need a mount?

A mount prevents your print from pressing against the glass and helps to maintain its quality over time. It creates an air gap to allow the paper to breathe, preventing moisture buildup, rippling, and mould growth.


All of Joannes' picture frames come with regular picture framing glass as standard. But should you require an alternative we can source the following types of glazing.   

  • Non-reflective glass - more suitable for when you position your picture where light may reflect from it.  
  • Museum quality glass  - High quality with 90% UV protection for high valued artworks, with an anti reflective coating. 
  • Perspex - Best for children's rooms as a safety feature. 

*Our bespoke ordered frames can take up to two weeks to complete.

Framed print wall

Our House Frames

In a hurry? We offer two different 'house' frames. White-washed composite and grey painted wood, which Joanne has carefully chosen to suit her collections. Joanne’s prints can be framed in these styles more quickly, sometimes even the same day. 


Picture with white frame
Example of our house white frame.
Picture with grey frame
Example of our house grey frame.

Considerations when selecting the perfect picture frame.

Does this frame enhance the picture?

Is the frame distracting your eye when you look at the picture, or does it sit comfortably with the picture? Is the weight of the frame too heavy or too light in relation to the size of the image?

Where will you hang your picture?

Consider your interior design style. Is it coastal charm, rustic country, sleek and modern, or a modern office environment? Then select frames that complement your personal interior style.

Should all frames match in the same room?

This is a personal preference. If you hang them on the same wall using the same frame, it will give your interior a slick uniformed look, especially if you buy more than one print, it will help them look like a cohesive collection. Choosing similar coloured frames within a room can usually be enough to tie a scheme together, while some people prefer an eclectic look with a mix of art and framing styles hung together on a wall.

Should I choose a frame to match my sofa?  

The artist's response would be to first choose a frame that complements the picture, and if it also complements your sofa, that would be a bonus!

If you need more advice on choosing the right frame for your print, please call into the gallery to speak to us in person, and we can guide you through the process to find the perfect frame.

If you are ordering your print online then you can take it to your local picture framer for their advice and picture framing service. 

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