Sycamore Gap Art Print

Known as the “Robin Hood” tree by many, Sycamore gap has a rich national history spanning over thousands of years. Nestled in a stretch of Hadrian's wall, the unique appearance of the site has created its instantly-recognisable image, fascinating geologists, photographers and dog-walkers alike. 

This enchanting limited-edition print captures the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the sycamore gap with its mixture of soft summery colours and energetic brush strokes. The famous Northumberland tree sits proudly in the centre of the piece, with pastel teal greens, blues and yellows sweeping outwards, creating rolling hills under a textured blue sky. This rustic piece brings the cosiness of the rural Northumberland countryside into your home, without needing to hike. 

Signed and numbered by Joanne, this is a limited-edition giclee print. The quality and colour of the original painting are captured using the latest fine art printing technology.

Image size 36cm x 36cm.  
Mount size 51cm x 51cm. 
Edition of 150 prints.